Thriving Facilitators!

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Is this YOU?

  •  You describe yourself as an artist/ facilitator/practitioner working in a heart-centred way with groups and you are passionate about being more authentic and bringing more of 'you' into your work.
  •  You work in community or educational settings that can be challenging systemically but you are curious about how you can develop your facilitation practice in diverse, complex contexts.
  •   Your work is driven by a strong sense of personal commitment or purpose - perhaps to enable transformation of a personal, social or political kind.
  •   You sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed and/or isolated as a practitioner and you know you are at your best when you are inspired and nourished when connecting with others.
  • You find reflecting on your practice invigorating, supportive, and nourishing and essential to your growth as a practitioner.
  •   You would love to create more impact in your practice or in your sector but you hover between self-doubt and excitement about what is possible the next minute, and not knowing where to start.

If so, I know you also really care - about the work that you do, the communities you serve, and the impact you have.

You are most likely emotionally invested in your work.

You probably also know that bringing 'you' into your practice feels important for your relationships with your groups.

You also know that the important work that you are doing can be emotionally draining, exhausting and can feel isolating.

If this describes some or a part of your experience as a heart-centred practitioner you firstly need to know that you are not alone.

There are many practitioners who feel just like you who need support and a space where their experiences can be supported and their practice can be enriched and developed.
Without support you can be left feeling anxious, unsure and disillusioned and you might even wonder if you are cut out for this work.

And it is crucial that you get support so that you can move from just coping to really thriving doing the work you love.

And thriving means that you are growing, developing and becoming successful as a practitioner - showing up in the way that you want to - without compromising your values or your integrity!

Meet some of the Thriving Facilitators Community

Tanya Dower - 'Music Now'

"we are all in the possession of everything we need to thrive and thats what drew me to thriving facilitators because it has that ethos"

If you are a heart-centred practitioner who wants to make a difference and to continue serving your communities with wellbeing and presence, I'm excited because I know you're in the right place.

The Thriving Facilitators Membership has been designed to help you to grow as a practitioner, whatever stage you are at, as you serve your communities with integrity, and thrive at the same time.

The Thriving Facilitators 
offers you the following:

    •   A flagship programme (there is no other one of its kind!) that provides affordable, ongoingsustainable support and a clear pathway to help you continuously reflect on your progress as you develop your practice. 
    •   Coaching & supervision in a supportive group setting to ensure you get support with challenges and dilemmas that arise in your work. 
    •   Training and Workshops to enable you to engage with ongoing reflective practice around relevant topics and themes.
    •    Access to discounted 1-1 coaching   for practitioners who want a one-to-one experience to dive deeper for a transformation in a particular area for their wellbeing and professional practice.
    •   A private community forum for practitioners to connect with other dedicated practitioners to network with, learn from and get support. With opportunities for online and in-person meet-ups (COVID permitting).

Not sure whether to join? 

Why not do my free quiz. Find out where you are on the path to thriving. Get the Thriving Facilitators Roadmap and access to the some of ideas and tips that I share in the membership.

Dr Helena Enright - academic / artists

"Thriving Facilitators gives you the space to reflect on your work in a really non judgemental and non pressured way"

Thriving Facilitator


Get full access to the Thrive Academy and its many resources, support and trainings in your own time.
 Stay for as long as you like.
Upgrade to community level whenever you want.
Discounted coaching and special trainings.
Ask Sheila and fellow members anything in the members only Facebook group.

Thriving Facilitator
Community MEMBER


Everything the supporters get
Connection with other members and Sheila Preston through monthly supervision / reflective practice sessions.
Live monthly workshops led by Sheila Preston on topics relevant to facilitation, supervision and being human.

Thriving Facilitator Circle


A curated group of inspired practitioners and leaders who are committed to meeting regularly, creative imagining,  taking inspired action to bring an idea or project or something into form.
Minimum term 4 months.
Facilitated by Sheila Preston

Thrive doing the work you love.
You deserve to have the support you need.

  • No need to exist in survival-mode. Step into your thriving potential.
  • No need to compromise your integrity. Show up fully as a heart-centred practitioner
  • No need to do it alone. Get support to grow your practice.
  • No need to be isolated. Join a super-supportive community.

Coaching, Workshops, Webinars

Get regular support with challenges you are facing, meet up with others (online and offline), engage with topics that will enable you to reflect on and grow in your practice as a heart-centred, purpose driven practitioner. 

Map Your Progress

Learn and reflect, on yourself and your practice at your own pace. Map your development on the Thriving Facilitators Pathway.  Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view materials - from any device, at any time at your convenience.

Community Support

Join our community and connect with practitioners from around the world who, like you, want to make a difference without compromising their integrity.

To join our FREE group click the link in the menu bar above.